Graffiti was originally a reference to ancient inscriptions and can be observed in the Catacombs of Rome or at the ruins of Pompeii.

Graffiti, once considered vandalism, is becoming more widely recognized as a type of artwork.

I've traveled around my home-town of Dayton and discovered multiple examples of fine Graffiti artwork.

My search for local Graffiti art in Dayton was inspired by my trip to Budapest where we enjoyed looked at art murals on buildings. Here is a link to my age on Graffiti in Budapest.

This Graffiti is on the wall of the West Social Tap + Table which serves this richly storied historic district as common ground for visitors and locals alike

Celebrating the history of flight in Ohio.

  • Dayton Ohio is the Birthplace of Aviation

  • Ohio is the home to 25 Astronauts

  • who made 78 Space Flights

  • Ohio astronauts made 3 trips to the moon

What Dreams We Have and How They Fly

This artwork on the side of The Teen Educational Joint Adult Workshop represents some of Dayton's most famous people.

  1. Home to the Wright Brothers

  2. Paul Lauence Dunbar (Poet)

  3. Charles Kettering (Inventor)

The disappearance of Childhood

Children Are the living messages we send to a time we will not see

Celebrating great musicians.This mural is on the wall of the record shop located in the Oregon District 318 E Fifth Street.

I found this interesting Graffiti in the covered parking garage across from the Neon Theatre.

In a parking lot on Front Street.

Interesting Graffiti on the side of a building in a parking lot.

20 North Jefferson Street

On the side of a building in the Oregon District

521 E Fifth Street

On a wall in Nordale Park

63 Nordale Ave

These walls were found in the St. Anne's Historic District

Mosaics in the St. Anne's Historic District