Here are some interesting photos of the Jewish cultural areas" in several European cities.  I've included photos of Jewish Quarters, Synagogues, and Holocaust memorials.  


Dohány Street Synagogue - Budapest

We were told that this is the second-largest synagogue in the world 

Jewish Quarter in Paris

Synagogue Agoudas Hakehilos 

Judaica Gift Shop - Paris

Orthodox Synagogue hidden in the Jewish Quarter

Students on a Lunch Break

The line at this Falaffel place is always long (unless you know the right people!)

Holocaust Memorials  - Bratislava,  Budapest, Lisbon and Prague (Terezin)

Holocaust Memorial - Bratislava

Holocaust Memorial - Budapest

 Raoul Wallenberg Park with its metal Memorial Tree 

Each petal bears the name or number of a Holocaust victim.

Terezin Concentration Camp

From 1940 to 1945 the Small Fortress served as the prison of the Prague Gestapo. 

Terezin Concentration Camp - How ironic - a Peaceful Bird sitting on barbed wire just inside the camp entrance


Memorial to those who died inside the Terezin Camp.

Budapest Memorial Garden

Synagogue in DUBROVNIK

Narrow street leading to the Synagogue in DUBROVNIK


Old Torah

... and of course the TZADAKA box

Synagogue in Barcelona